2011 Gila Wizard NFT #3

2011 Gila Wizard (Artwork by Lurk Loves You)

Music By Super Secret Band

Art by Lurk Loves You

…..As the Wizard summoned gifts from the mighty Gillamette River, the lizard couldn’t help but think, “Why Me?!”

The Wizard looked over and spoke with one million voices and no words, “Because you’re not afraid to fail!”…..


Drums- Dylan Campbell

Bass- Kody Kindhart

Keys- Grandpa McBrill the IIIrd

Guitar- Josh Wiley Marks

Guitar- Nick Allison

Trombone- Jeff Chilton

Sax/Flute/Baritone Sax- Matt Sulikowski

Mixed and Mastered by Grandpa McBrill the IIIrd

144 Editions Total

Polygon/ Open Sea

Starting Price 0.055 WETH